Purge aka Richard Kincaid, one of the world’s renowned technological geniuses and martial artists, battles on the streets and in the corporate arena to protect the first Technopolis, New Salem from forces (dubbed the Fathom) that seek to plunge it into chaos.

An aging Abraham Van Helsing finds himself in a proxy war between man and monster in a dystopian Victorian London.

Cassius notices something strange following one of his friends. His investigation leads him to discover things don't always appear as what they seem.

The robots have won and that terrifying moment when humanity's creations acquired sentience is past, but mankind does not live in fear. The human race is not enslaved, destroyed or wired up like batteries. It is simply ignored. The robots carry on, they build, they destroy, they continue and of course, they dance.

Paparazzo Benjamin “Bram” Brammel is a former humanities professor whose academic career was derailed by a series of personal indiscretions. Now one of Hollywood’s most successful and notorious celebrity peepers, and fully disengaged from his former life.

After Earth is blown up and rebuilt, an alien Cattipuss named Mr. Blome opens a family oriented sex park with dino clones.

Emily Trent has always lived in the shadow of her more elegant and prettier sister Amelia. But when Amelia is murdered, something doesn’t add up, especially when Emily discovers a secret spell crafting kit in Amelia’s room. To solve the mystery, Emily will have to dive into the world of the illegal spell craft trade and the roaring night life of the speakeasies of New York.

Little Zoe is a soldier in an era that loathes violence. Her intelligence had to be reduced so her genetic enhancements wouldn't make her a threat to all.

Cub Reporter Henrietta Tilney is sent on her first assignment, to interview accused mass murderer Lord Beowulf Harwood. But young Henrietta quickly finds out there is much more to this story and its subject Lord Harwood. Will this plucky young reporter get her story and survive with her life intact?

Metalhead warrior WARHORSE only has two goals in his life - to bang heads and rule ass! Following a successful mission saving the world from a nuclear threat, Warhorse receives a mysterious message requesting he be present for "bookings and signings" at a pro wrestling event at an iconic Southern California arena.

After saving the planet, Jack Smyth and his wife Shelby enjoyed great government jobs with a perfect family in a beautiful city ... that is Until Jacks daughter contracts a rare alien disease and his employer terminates his and Shelby's contracts. What's a Dad to do? Grab some guns and stop asking, of course.

When Ruby and Rosa accidentally end up in another dimension after battling Razith, they realize they've been sent to a new Earth, one without Shadow Demons and Uciine; a world with only humans and animals. As they start getting acquainted to their new life and new opportunity of being able to be in a loving relationship without having to hide it from the world. Evil villains are coming to the new Earth through a mysterious crack in the dimensions.

In a post-apocalyptic dystopia, when a bullying kingdom threatens to overtake the tiny village of MudTown, a group of ill-prepared townsfolk must join a pair of out of shape pirate-outlaws and board a hot-air-balloon-airplane contraption to sail the skies and become a semi-capable force of good to save their people.

Follow the trials and exploits of an unlikely group of adventurers as they try to come together as a team, put some coin in their pockets, and do some good in a fantasy world.

Michael Chan sends Bastian and Hector to Georgia to find Bailey Ann Marshal, a potentially powerful Alpha Omega to protect her and discuss her possible future with the Sentries. While Bastian and Hector travel to Georgia, a truck falls off a jack and appears to crush Bailey but she catches it in mid air and learns she has super strength.

A college student, name Romy gets caught in a chemistry lab explosion, after she is attacked by street thugs. She awakens with invulnerable skin. After confessing her actions to her foster father, the professor, they agree that she can be a great instrument in fighting crime and protecting the innocent. The professor gives her a modified squirt gun that shoots acid, to aid her in her mission.

Led by Josh “Chief” Trath, the K.O.G.S are deployed to a Middle Eastern City to investigate the disappearance of its citizens and a group of U.S. Rangers. During a firefight with insurgents, they are attacked by a monster straight out of the mythos of Middle Eastern Hell. They are then confronted by what is described as “...a sand witch and demons dressed in ISIS bodies.

She's a ninety-six year old dead chick whose spirit is in a new dimension where she's now a young woman with mystical powers who lives with a chain smoking, hard drinking, MIT educated, prostitute who's also a master craftsperson who creates all sorts of wonderful things to help keep Cassandra alive.

The hero, Tom Hill, and his staff have discovered the multiverse. What they don't know is an evil woman named Ms. Vin controls access to it.

The presence of magic is all around us, and now the world as we once knew it has been completely changed. Antonio and his grandfather are in for a shocking change as they venture out into this new world in search for their lost family and a new home.

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