WHO: Are program is for creators seeking a reliable and affordable printer, that can produce vast quantities and print on demand. WHAT: The Nerdanatix Creator Printing Program is designed to give creators an online platform without losing their creative vision. Our goal is to help you supply your comics to your vast fans around the world. WHEN: Our turnaround time is very fast, around 2 weeks. Keep in mind for bigger quantity orders turnaround time can be roughly 2 months, so order your books accordingly. WHERE: We provide our services to creators all over the globe, printing costs, shipping, and handling can be affected when ordering internationally. Please let us know so we can determine whether or not we can work with you to get your job done. WHY: This service is needed for all creators to have a service that helps support their goals and creative journeys. See our printing page to see how you can have a test print produced, shipped, and delivered to you.

CREATORS - You decide on how we can support you.

Nerdanatix offers publishing & distribution, creator printing and also on site store fronts for creators.


WHO: Who is this program for? Creators looking for a publisher to publish their books and get them into stores. Creators who are looking for someone to market, direct, and push their book into the next stage, via films, animations, games and more.

WHAT: What is it that we do? Our focus for creators who are looking for Publishing & Distribution is to take away all the secondary issues that can cause distraction from your main focus, producing content. We focus on marketing your book, distributing your book to stores in our Network and making sure that you can give your content the attention it needs.

WHEN: When can you expect results: Nerdanatix has two focal points, our inside development team which is always working on ways to showcase your content to our audience in a different venue then what they have seen before, and our third party contact. We are always working to close opportunities with outside parties that specialize in areas such as filming, gaming, animations. We can not promise you overnight guarantees, but we can promise you that we will work at the highest level to expand your audience.

WHERE: Where can you expect to see your comics? We are currently in 2 stores in the Houston area, and are looking to expand to both Austin and Dallas.

WHY: Why is this side for you? You do want to worry about marketing your book, you don't want to worry about trying to find stores to carry your book. You vision is writing, creating and bringing your stories to the world. 

Nerdanatix offers creator printing and also on site store fronts for creators.

CREATOR PRINTING PROGRAM - Annual Service Charge of $39.99

WHO: Who is this program for? Self-publishers, creators who want to print at least 500 copies of their comic, creators who attend multiple conventions a year, creators who sell on their personal sites and need print on demand options.

WHAT: What is it that we do? Our focus for creators who are looking to join our Creator Printing Program is to provide them with access to affordable and reliable printing. This is a service that we offer that enables creators to have a one stop shop to purchase not only their physical copies, but merchandise and promotional items as well.

WHEN: When can you expect delivery: Printing turnaround time is very fast -- about 2 weeks for small print on demand orders. Massive orders over up to 1000 issues can take up to 2 months depending on size of order.

WHERE: Our printer is located in the United States. 

WHY: Why is this side for you? You know the direction you want for your content, and you are actively selling online and at conventions. You want a one stop location that can provide you with all the material you need to provide to your audience.

Nerdanatix also offers on site store fronts for creators.

ON SITE STORE FRONT  - Annual Service Charge of $119.99

WHO: Who is this program for? Creators who are just starting out and want to self publisher their content at an affordable price. 

WHAT: What is it that we do? We create a one page website for you, on our site that is dedicated to your content. You have full selling power to price your own content, create your own sells. We will work with you to create a banner, about us, content, shop and subscribe page.

WHEN: When can you expect setup: We will contact you and ask for the provisions needed to setup your page. Once established you will have full creative control over prices, page design is limited to 1 revision.

WHERE: Where is this store front? It is connected to, where we will market your storefront on our site to our audience.

WHY: Why is this side for you? You want your own site/store front for everyone to be locked in on your content only, without making a huge financial investment in the development, and creating side. Let us do the work for you.



Creators will keep their creative control over their content, no matter what option they choose.

For printing prices and to see a test print of your content please see here

For submission terms and conditions see here

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