ICC members get a reduced membership fee of $3.99 per month, as opposed to the $5.99 general subscribers pay, to use our printing services. This charge not only gets creators access to our printing services for comics and manga, but for clothing as well.

Nerdanatix LLC also provides marketed distribution services to, brick and mortar, stores throughout the U.S. We act as the mid-point between the stores you can’t reach and the stores that have not reached out to you. This discount is exclusively available to creators who use our ICC link. This also includes a non-exclusive license to promote your content on our website.

Please make sure to create a login on our site to have access to the ordering system after your payment has been made.

Just fill out the order form and we will contact you! Nerdanatix offers creators affordable printing for ICC members for $3.99 subscription a month, which includes online marketing via our social media outlets and physical marketing to stores. There is a $6.00 dollar fee to have your book printed that is non-refundable, but credited towards the first month of your membership if your sign with us.

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