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Standard Comic, Manga & Magazine Printing, Saddle Stitched Binding

Page count must be divisible by 4

Must be sent at 300 DPI

Pages will contain Valor Printing or Nerdanatix LLC if page count is not divisible by 4

20lb interior pages, 28 lb cover page

Must be the creator, artist, or authorized team member to make an order for the book.

Once received a member of Nerdanatix will contact you about signing up with Nerdanatix.

Nerdanatix Monthly Printing Membership 7.99 - Click Here

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 Up to 32 Pages
  • 1 = $1.80

  • 25 = $45

  • 50 = $90

  • 100 = $180

  • 250 = $450

  • 500 = $900

 Up to 48 Pages
  • 1 = $2.35

  • 25 = $58.75

  • 50 = $117.50

  • 100 = $235

  • 250 = $587.50

  • 500 = $1,175

 Up to 64 Pages
  • 1 = $3.00

  • 25 = $75

  • 50 = $150

  • 100 = $300

  • 250 = $750

  • 500 = $1,500

Please Read Here Before and After Ordering

Nerdanatix LLC & Valor Printing LLC will not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate shipping addresses provided by customers. Orders that need to be reshipped, redelivered or rerouted due to an incorrect or inaccurate shipping address supplied by the customer will result in additional charges.

Nerdanatix LLC & Valor Printing LLC do not guarantee delivery dates on any mock orders. The delivery window given to you is an estimate only and orders may arrive before, within or after those dates and may be subject to delay due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to weather, labor fluctuations, market conditions and government inspections or delays. Shipping Delivery is estimated 7 to 14 days. Nerdanatix LLC reserves the right to not issue a refund for the cost of such fees if material has been produced and or shipped.

If items arrived damaged due to shipping, please contact Valor Printing LLC as soon as possible to arrange for replacements. You will be require you to assist in providing documentation of damaged goods in order for us to file applicable claims with our carriers.

Nerdanatix offers a monthly subscription for creators to purchase comics, manga, magazines, and clothing apparel to use to further your brand. With this monthly installment of 7.99 you will receive premium printing and services to help prepare for your next convention or kickstarter order.

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