Welcome back everyone

We're back and it is time to reintroduced you all to Nerdanatix. For a few short years we have had the pleasure of showcasing our comics from creators from different regions of the world to you.

Nerdanatix brings to you after a 6 month hiatus, new comics, new manga, new podcasts and so much more. After a rough 2020, the community needs a place where they can read some amazing content by amazing writers.

Enter 2021 our goals have not changed, we want to provide the independent comic book community with an online provider for digital hosting and physical comic books as well. We have created an entirely new system that gives creators two options when joining Nerdanatix.

Ultimately, creators may post their content on our site for viewers to read full issues or just preview a certain amount of pages. When it comes to marketing and advertising, Nerdanatix has created a system that allows creators to have a one page website entirely dedicated to their content. We provide social links to social media pages, Kickstarters and more. This is all for free, just by signing with Nerdanatix.

Here's where we have changed our setup.

Often with online hosting sites, they may either charge you a monthly fee or cut you a percentage of the sale. Rather, than cutting ourselves a percentage of your sells, Nerdanatix has opted to charging creators a monthly membership fee for those who want to sell their content on our site.

While creators will keep 100% of net profits from digital and physical sales. Nerdanatix will receive a monthly payment of $19.99 from creators. What does this fee cover? Printing and piece of mind. Someone orders a printed copy of your book? Nerdanatix will receive the payment, process the order and at the end of every week you receive a statement with all your transactions for that month.

Fortunately, we had the network that can make selling your comics a lot easier on you. This is the vision that we are putting into motion starting in 2021. While our company is continuing to build please enjoy some of our awesome comics from very talented creators here at Nerdanatix.

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