Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to us, please read our official guidelines below to ensure that your submission is seen. Good luck!


CREATOR OWNED ONLY - We do not publish content unless you the creator or creators are the sole owners and retain the full creative rights. Please do not submit characters or stories created by someone else, otherwise your submission will be automatically declined.


CONTENT - We do not accept scripts. Submissions of any content must have at the minimum 1 issue completed. Black and white and or colored.

PAY RATE - All forms of pay are based on sales, which will be delivered to the creator or creators signed of the content. It will not be Nerdanatix responsibility to pay your team members, that payment will be based between the signee or signees and their members.


1. Cover of the content that is being sent, along with a brief summary of the series. Potential audience intended too, and links to social media outlets (optional). Include your contact information, name, email, and phone number. Submission responses will be made through email.

2. Project timeline, how many issues is the current arc sent for. What is the projected end date for the current arc? What is your current production schedule? Is the story going to be in color, black and white? This information helps us to better market the content once it has been approved.

3. Please let us know if you are seeking exclusive publishing through our company or is you are seeking non-exclusive digital hosting on our website. This helps us to send you the right paperwork and to make sure that our team is set up properly to help you succeed. All of our creators keep full creative control of all the content that they sign with us. For the differences between exclusive and non-exclusive please see the details here.

4. Any submissions sent not including the requirements listed above will be deleted.

Email all submissions to

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